Real Entrepreneurship with Jerry Kenna


Episode 1 - Hugh Rumbaugh

In our first episode of The Real Entrepreneurship Podcast Hugh and I discuss what it really takes to be a business owner.  

We discuss having a work-life balance as a business owner and how success affects your home life and your children.

We strategize on how to save the education system in the United States, and more!



Episode 2 - Josh Parise

In episode 2, I introduce the world to Josh Parise.  A man of many talents, one being German Sword Fighting.

Josh explains how destiny has brought him from Pittsburgh to California and back, twice.  How he's always been able to adapt to the situation and how he's never considered himself too good for any job.

Josh tells about his time serving as Marine and how its influenced his life decisions.

Josh and I had a great discussion, had a lot of laughs, and had a lot of fun making this podcast.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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