Who am I?


It all started when…

Growing up I knew I wanted to be a business owner.  I loved the idea of building a company myself.  My college essay was titled "Owning The Corporate Ladder."  I never had any interest in climbing it, I knew I wanted more.

I've never been the type of person to work a 40 hour week, even in college I worked full time hours, and for some of it I worked 2 jobs while taking classes full time.  

While attending college I switched majors a few times.  At one point I was working on a Computer Science degree and had to take an accounting class as a required course.  That's when it all clicked.  In fact, my professor pulled me aside after class and asked me if I'd be interested in switching my major to Accounting.  Being that I actually found a subject I enjoyed and my grades were reflecting that... I said yes.

While growing my business I've met some of the hardest working people around.  I've become friends with a lot of them and I decided to create a Podcast to help showcase their businesses and their talents.

My Companies

Landmark Business Solutions, Inc.

I have a background in finance but a passion for business.  I find myself naturally attracted to other entrepreneurs and hustlers.  When I started my business, Landmark Business Solutions, Inc. it started out as an accounting and tax office, but that was never the final intention.  My ultimate goal was to create a one stop shop for business owners to set up and grow their businesses.  We can provide in house, or through established relationships, accounting, tax, payroll, marketing, web design, and merchant services.  




Virtual Accountant is designed to bridge the gap for the business owner that isn't quite ready for a full service accountant.

By using QuickBooks Online and an app called SmartVault we are able to provide a web based solution for business owners to have their bookwork done remotely and inexpensively.



Turbo Merchant, LLC

With our background in accounting we see so many of our clients with expensive and unreasonable contracts with credit card processors.  This business has become like the wild wild west with seemingly endless sneaky sales reps trying to lock you into long term contracts with ever rising rates.

I started Turbo Merchant as a way to end that.  This is a credit card processor run by a pro-business accountant.  We publish our rates and never lock you into a contract.